The birth of a seriously ill child is a serious challenge for parents. Many mothers and fathers are not ready for such responsibility and give the child to the care of the state. Sometimes

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they have to lie loved ones about the death of a child or hide the fact of his birth from others. Can we condemn them for such a decision? And how ethically ethically after years to look for parents of such children?

Recently, the director of the children’s hospice “House with a lighthouse” Lida Moniava published a post on an important and taboo topic. We are talking about the refusal of parents from newborns with severe diseases, about the secrets and lies around this, as well as about the further fate of children with disabilities in the care of the state. Her publication blew up the Internet community and caused a storm of emotional posts and comments. What is the essence of disputes?

Lida Moniava: “It is impossible to live with this”

Many know and respect Moniava as a person who is fighting for her wards to receive everything necessary for a decent and happy life – whatever short. Last year, she took to her home 12-year-old Kolya, a palliative patient. Lida found Colin’s family and maintains a relationship with his mother, who comes to visit her son. Native brothers and sisters do not know about its existence – they, like all relatives, are sure that the boy died in the hospital 13 years ago.

Parents often resort to such lies, conveying inconspicuously patients who need children to care for the care of the state, that is, in specialized boarding schools. Recently, Lida Moniava found a family of 1 more palliative patients with a hospice: “Now the nanny from the“ House with a lighthouse ”issued custody of another palliative child from a boarding school. It became interesting to us – who his parents are, whether they are alive, how they look?

One night on social networks, and I found everyone – mom, dad, brothers, sisters, even secret illegitimate children of dad, relatives, friends. Their photos, their interests, their friends and many relatives. God, how does this child look like his dad! And to mom! I found out that my parents have already died. Although they gave the child to the boarding school much earlier, even at birth.

Parents are creative interesting people known in their field, with a good career and a bunch of fans. Here are in social networks the brothers and sisters of this child, their relatives, friends of parents. I wrote to everyone except for children (although I also found them on social networks) a message that we took such and such a child from the boarding school and would like to establish contact with his relatives, brothers and sisters, please help me.

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